Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Fancy!.... ish.... (Tea for Two)

I've been using Fairhaven fertility products for over a year now, my favorites being Pre-Seed, FertileCM and Fertiliaid.  I strongly credit Fertilaid for Men for my current pregnancy, since it was the only new thing we had done this cycle. 

One of my other favorite items, which I used regularly for about six months, is Fairhaven's FertiliTea.  It is a yummy little pepperminty tea that makes your lady bits all nice inside. 

Plus, it made me feel fancy. 

Pardon me, I must prepare my afternoon tea! 

If I knew where to buy crumpets, I would have included that too.  I'd fill up my loose leaf tea basket (highly preferable to a tea bag, trust me) and drink cup after cup from the same batch, just adding more hot water and re-dipping my tea basket.  In the hot summer months I'd make a huge glass of it, and add ice for a minty iced-tea that wouldn't make me jittery.

So when I got preggo, I was actually a little sad to be giving up my "tea regime".  Then, FertilaidAmy told me about Tea for Two, the loose-leaf tea designed to support pregnancy. 

WHEEEEE!!!!!!!  I'm fancy again!!!!

I'll admit I'm a tea addict.  So it was great to be able to switch to something equally yummy without worrying about putting caffeine or other bad stuff in my body.  Apparently it does good stuff for the baby too, but I was mostly concerned about being fancy. 

If you're preggo, seriously check out Tea for Two.  If you're trying to conceive, check out FertiliTea.  If you're nursing, check out Nursing Time Tea.  Tea for everyone!

Please Note:  This is a non-compensated review.  I received a bag of Tea for Two to try free of charge, however no other financial remuneration was provided.  The face value of the product I received is $14.95, which isn't enough to make me change my opinion on whether it was a good or not.  Not that I would do that.  Unless you have a product worth like $20,000.  Then we should talk. 


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